Tuesday, August 2, 2011

First show! 7/31/2011 Playlist and more!


Thanks to everyone and anyone who listened in for my first show on the Maine Radio Project! Thanks to Monica, I made it through fairly unscathed...only a few mistakes here and there. This week's Old School Band of the Week was The Brood. The tracks that I played were as follows:

The Brood - "I Need You There/I'll Put You Down (1988)
kid ray (The Infinitist) - "Sound Mind" kid ray on SoundCloud
Moshe - "Senseless" (featuring dilly dilly) Moshe on Milled Pavement
Megadeth - "Peace Sells"
Confusatron - "Ctrl Alt Del" Confusatron
Apocryphonic - "Chronophage" Apocryphonic on Bandcamp
Sunrunner - "The Siege" Sunrunner on ReverbNation
The Brood - "Beat Girl"
Kurt Baker Band - "Don't Steal My Heart Away" Kurt Baker Band
Jetty Boys - "I'll Be Fine" Jetty Boys on Facebook
The Connection - "Stop Talking" The Connection on Bandcamp
Jeff Beam - "Slow Shards" Jeff Beam on Bandcamp
The Brood - "Writing on the Wall"
Waranimal - "Devil's Cup" Waranimal on Facebook
Rosetta - "Revolve" Rosetta on Facebook
Sinferno - "Sinferno" Sinferno on Myspace
The Brood - "Satisfyin'"
Inverticrux - "Pities Long Broken Urn" Inverticrux on Facebook
Shabti - "Memory Sleeps" Shabti on Facebook
Elizabeth Taillon - "Selfish" Taillons on Soundcloud

I found all of The Brood songs I played on YouTube, but there is a main site with all of the information I spoke about on the show - and more - here: The Brood and if you click on the button that says "Band Site", it will take you to GroovyTunesday.comveritable wonderland of The Brood music available for sale!

The Geno's shows talked about on this episode of The Six O'Clock Sound Check are as follows!

August 1
Geek Chorus
We Talk Over Movies! Geek Chorus the First Monday of Every Month part of McNallica's Monday Movie Madness!!!
Free 9:30pm 21plus with ID
Skin is for the Living Part 2 picks up where SIFTL1 leaves off. So gross. So violent. So erotic. It is the hardest movie in the world to find, so don't even try..

August 4
and visuals by
THE PSYCHOLOGIST It's going to be a very interesting night with the first ever appearance by The Zombettes
9pm to 1am
$5/$3 before 10pm

August 5
First Friday Rock Walk with Tanya Kelly
Sunrunner, Apocryphonic and Confusatron
First Friday art opening from 5:30 to about 8:30, which is free and open to everyone! We'll have some refreshments and some great new art hanging in our lobby!
For the rock show, the door starts at 9 pm. Cover is $5 and the show is 21+

August 6
Kurt Baker Band, Jetty Boys (Wisconsin), The Connection, Jeff Beam, Belly Up
$5 Door at 8 pm

August 8
Waranimal, Rosetta, Brave Young, and Keep Your Opinions to Yourself, or "KYOTY".

August 11
Shabti, Lord Earth, and Inverticrux

August 12
Smoke and Mirror Circus with Elizabeth Taillon and dance music afterparty with DJ Shru
$8 door at 8 pm

August 26
Spikefest - Whitcomb, Twisted Roots, Pigboat
All proceeds will go to send his daughter, Paine, and Monica to see Metallica, Anthrax, Megadeth, and Slayer in New York
Something that Spike would have gone to, and would have wanted his daughter to see.

If you'd like to download a recording of the show, please go to: Six O'Clock Sound Check's Maiden Voyage! Thanks again to Monica for recording the show for me!
Keep on rockin' and keep listenin'! See you next Sunday at SIX O'CLOCK!

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